The 12 Longest Living Animals That Roam the Earth

The 12 Longest Living Animals That Roam the Earth

In the human world, if you make it up to 90 years old or more, you’re considered to have remarkable longevity. But in the animal world, 90 years old is still considered a baby’s age. Some of these creatures have been around for so long that nowadays they’re considered living fossils since dinosaurs are their direct relatives.

We encourage you to take a look at some creatures that have been on Earth way longer than the human species and some of them were born when the Age of Discovery had not even started. And there’s a surprising bonus waiting for you at the end of the article!

1. Tuatara, over 110 years old

The Tuatara are small reptiles that inhabit New Zealand. They might look like lizards but in fact, they are a part of a distinct lineage related to dinosaurs who lived on Earth more than 200 million years ago. Though nowadays these species are endangered, some of them have a remarkably long life — over 110 years!


2. Orange roughy, 149 years old

The orange roughy is a slow-growing, long-living species. Their maximum longevity has been estimated to be as high as 149 years but nowadays it’s endangered due to overfishing.

3. Geoduck, 168 years old

The geoduck is a large clam native to the west coast of North America. It has a small shell compared to the soft part of its body, so it cannot hide inside of it. Geoducks are highly productive; their females produce over five billion eggs throughout their lifetimes. And it’s no surprise considering the fact that the oldest geoduck has been recorded to live until 168 years old.

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