I get asked this a lot.⁠...

I get asked this a lot.⁠

My answer...BOTH.⁠

Depending on your goals you may shift focus a little but BOTH are important. ⁠

Cardio for heart health, endurance, weight loss, mental health and so much more.⁠

Weight training for joint health, strength, balance, muscle gain, mental health and so much more.⁠

If you main goal is weight loss a split of 3 days cardio / 2 days weight training could work for you.⁠

If you goal is sculpting a split of 4 days weight training / 1 day cardio could work for you.⁠

All bodies are different...test out what works for YOUR body.⁠

Want to dive deeper into this topic...want to learn how to self-train, design your own workouts for your goals?⁠

Check out my Transformation Workshop happening this Saturday April 10th, it could be exactly what you need;) ⁠

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