🥗Diets vs. Good Nutrition. What to choose?🥑...

🥗Diets vs. Good Nutrition. What to choose?🥑
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Many girls exhaust themselves with diets, but still can not achieve an attractive form. Very often from them you can hear: 🧐"Why does this happen?

When we are constantly on a diet and we don't eat almost anything, our body is under a lot of stress. At first we lose weight for two to three weeks by severely restricting our food intake. And then our brain signals our body that it will not be fed any more, so it is urgent to keep Subcutaneous fat on our belly for later.

🤯Very often the diet is accompanied by bad moods, depression, poor sleep, and emotional swings. Because of this there is also an instant weight gain 1-2 weeks after the diet, and hormonal malfunctions are not uncommon at all.

🤓I think you've already realized that I'm all for proper nutrition and exercise! Skinny, bony girls are no longer in fashion, it is better to have a trim and strong body with an appetizing shape. It is important to love this lifestyle. Find tasty, new recipes for every day without harming your body. Yes, I suggest counting calories until you get used to approximate portions. But with a properly designed nutrition program, calorie restriction will be completely invisible❤️

You don't have to sit on a rigid diet and then binge out in a couple of weeks of giving up everything that has a hint of calorie content.

↘️Try to replace unhealthy foods with healthy alternatives on a consistent basis. That way, you'll feel the change over a longer period of time, but for good. It will be your way of life, a habit from which you will not suffer as much as from dieting.

🥐Allocate one day in a month, when you with great pleasure buy your favorite cake, ice cream or croissant and eat it, enjoying every bite. The rest of the time, pay attention to what you eat.

Teach your family this way of living. It is also important for your health! You'll feel energized and light, after just a couple of months of Healthy Lifestyle and won't want to change your lifestyle to the old one😉

❓Have you had the experience of starving yourself or losing weight through dieting? Share it in the comments.

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