Mentally I am ✨here✨...

Mentally I am ✨here✨

If you saw my story the other day you’d know that my mental health has been struggling a lot lately. It’s something that I am doing my best to work on but if you’re a person that struggling with any mental illness you’ll understand that some days it’s a lot harder than others to keep yourself in check✔️

Since school started up again I have found myself putting my mental health on the side to spend more time focused on my studying. One thing I have definitely noticed while doing this is that it causes my schooling to take quite a big hit. Focusing on both my mental and physical health are two things that I find really help me to get out of a rut so that’s what I am deciding to do for myself🦋

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I wish I could change about myself lately and I came to the realization that I DONT NEED TO CHANGE ANYTHING!! You are so much more powerful than you think you are🥳🥳 This means that I am going to be doing my best to become more selfish. I don’t mean this in a negative way but instead that I am going to be taking the time I desperately need to work on myself.

Here are some things I am going to be doing to get myself back together and at my strongest again 🤍🤍
≫ daily journaling (I was doing this all summer and it’s something that I definitely saw was helping me)
≫ meditating (I have always been on and off with meditating but I find that it always helps me get in a better mood when I do this right when I wake up)
≫ making better choices with what I put in my body (this doesn’t mean I will be restricting myself but just that I will be fuelling my body better than I have been recently)
≫ staying on track with my workout schedule but not punishing myself if I miss a morning workout every once and a while

So I’m just here to say that it’s OK if you fall of track every once and a while. A bad day, week, month or even year does not mean you cannot get back to making yourself feel good again!!! These are some things I will be implementing into my life and I hope all of you can learn to become a little more selfish when you need to be🌞🌞🌞