💜Happy Friday guys💜, I have had such a lovely day!!🥰...

💜Happy Friday guys💜, I have had such a lovely day!!🥰

I met up with a friend for a coffee, dropped my partner off at work then took my partners dog out for a walk up the chase, which was a very wet walk but I very much enjoyed it. it was such a peaceful and calm walk, and it was nice to just have some time to think everything through and get some fresh air. 🌧🌲

My plan was then too go to the gym, however I was asked to come out for a couple of drinks at the same time, which too my surprise.. I said buggar it, go on then 🤣

I haven't focused alot this week on my fitness, I have managed the gym once so far, however have been for a few light walks which is still OK. i am still keeping active, I've had a busy week at work, and it's not very often I go out for a drink so it was lovely.
so here is me with a little bit of makeup on, which had probably been the first time since March? wow 🤣

also, quick rant.
there were 56 people in our gym last night, and my partner, me and another lady were wearing face masks.. nobody else was? the new face mask rule was made mandatory from Monday the 5th? & there are tons of posters and guidance around the gym, and emails were sent out explaining to wear face masks too and from the equipment, when moving about ect. why be stubborn and idiotic? gets me so much!! 😶

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