When can I start working out again?! 🤱😅...

When can I start working out again?! 🤱😅

I get asked this question a lot and here is what I tell my clients-

▪️Your initial focus should be on healing. Your body has been through SO much over the last 9 months. Give yourself time to recover.
▪️ Enjoy this time!! Instead of stressing about losing weight, enjoy this special time with your newborn.
▪️ When to start exercising varies for everyone. Generally 6 weeks is enough time for your body to recover, however some women need more time and some women don’t need the full 6 weeks before they’re ready to workout again. Check with your doctor, listen to your body and don’t rush it!
▪️ When you do begin exercising again, start slow! Stretching, walking, TVA breathing and pelvic floor exercises are all great forms of exercise to start with.
▪️ Gradually add in strength training. Use postnatal workouts that are specifically designed for your body that will help you regain your strength.

I am so looking forward to gradually adding more movement into my day and starting some bodyweight workouts 💪🏼 For any advice or help with postnatal fitness programmes please hit me up 😊