YARRAWONGA GOLD: A Combination of Kalamata and Frantoio olives cold-pressed within hours of being harvested for the finest flavour. Bursting with fresh vibrant flavours of tropical fruit, crisp green apples and fresh-cut grass, w/ lingering peppery tones.⁠

KALAMATA: The Kalamata Olives are harvested during peak ripeness to ensure the boldest flavours. ⁠
This vibrant green Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an intense ripe tomato flavour, with a tropical fruit aroma, leaving a peppery pungency on the palate. ⁠

The perfect oil drizzled over fresh steamed vegetables or a leafy green salad. Stir through pasta or simply indulge in the richness of these premium EVOO's with some fresh crusty sourdough topped with Murray River Salt Flakes. YUMM!!